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Career Skills = Transferable Skills = Essential Skills

Career skills are also called “Transferable Skills”.  They can be transferred from one job to another.  You start to learn these same skills at school, on a sports team or at home and then transfer them to a career.  These skills are used and developed in all areas of your life.  Developing these skills can help you be successful in your career, as well as in your personal life (school, home, sports, friendships).

Why are Career (transferable skills)  important to you?

No matter what career you have, these skills are important to ALL employers. Employers consider Career skills as important as job-specific or technical skills.  Remember, most working people will make numerous career changes during their lifetime. Having these skills will make the difference between getting the job or not; getting the pay raise or not; getting the promotion or not.

Top 10 Carer-Transferable-Essential Skills:

1.  Communication Skills

6.  Learning Skills

2.  Teamwork Skills

7.  Computer Skills

3.  Time Management Skills

8.  Listening Skills

4.  Problem-Solving Skills

9.  Creativity Skills

5.  Organization Skills

10.  Leadership Skills.

About Us

Sir M V Institute of Engineering Skills Bangalore based training centre which offers industry oriented skill development  training programs to enhance the employability skills of fresh Civil Engineering Graduates.  Our Institute was started in 2012 and till March 2017 trained more than 10000 students. Our aim is to take the industry to institution to improve the skills what the industry expects to offer job opportunities.Many students coming out of the college face lot of problems to acquire skills and in selecting suitable domain in Civil Engg sector.We have networked many companies to provide internship and job opportunities for freshers.

Sir M V institute is lead by Mr S HEMANTH REDDY a graduate in B.E Civil from Siddaganga Institute of Technology Tumkur Karnataka and Post graduate in Remote Sensing from Adhiyaman College Hosur Tamilnadu.He has experience of more than 27 years spread across the country especially in Karnataka,Odisha,Gujarat,Mumbai,M.P,A.P,Telangana Tamilnadu and other places.

 Why to join SMV!

Sir M V Institute of Engineering Skills conducts training with live projects data and projects conducted by our consultancy wing is avilable to  students and freshers for glance. We use technologies and procedures used as on today to upgrade the skills.

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